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Game Recaps 5-6

Weeks: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8

Week 5 recaps

July 3rd, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Cheesey Poofs 8 Khans 24 
cheeseypoofs.jpg Image Preview Both teams were looking for their franchises first career win. The Cheesey Poof's got the scoreboard lite up early, as Torin Neilson deposited his third homer of the year into LF. That 3-0 lead was the only lead the Poof's would have for the rest of the game. The Khans responded the next inning by putting up a 5 spot on the board. Andy Fassett then calmed down and pitched a gem the rest of the game. The Poof's weren't able to do much offensively, as Andy Fassett picked up his first career win. Tiffany Baldwin also pitched a scoreless 6th inning for the Khans.

July 3rd, 2006:  Hess Field 7:30pm
Yankees 10 Cyclones 27 
 Go to fullsize image cyclone.gifThe hottest team in the league continues to dominate. The Cyclones rolled to 7-0 with a thorough raping of the Yank's. Joe Capobianco never found his grove, as he surrendered 6 HR's and walked 14. The powerful Cyclone offense pounced on every mistake. The Cyclone defense was brilliant at times as well, as Kyle LeClair made a leaping catch to rob Joe Capobianco of a HR. That was the story of the game for the Yank's, as they have now dropped their last four games. The loss made it impossible for the Yanks to win the division.   

July 5th, 2006:  Lamb Field 7:30pm
Bombers 25 Shapoopies 4 
 bomb21.jpg drebin.jpgThe high powered offense of the Bombers lived up to its name, smashing HR's left and right Wednesday night. The Bombers hit 11 of them, 10 of which were off of Anthony Bianchine. Chef just didn't have it cookin'. Nick Sutter continues his unbelievable offensive production, as he belted 6 more long balls and 13 RBI's. Probably the biggest news of the game was Jay Rozell. Jay threw a complete game, allowing only 4 runs on 10 hits. What was even more impressive, was he only had 2 walks. His control was there, and he was dominate. The Bombers need Jay to pitch like this down the stretch for them to have any shot at winning the division. Anthony Bianchine hit another HR, as he now has 3 this year. Marc Palmiotto also went deep for the Shapoopies.  

July 6th, 2006:  Hess Field 6:30pm
Khans 5 Canada 10
Image Preview  In what featured another great game, regardless of what the records may show. The Khans took a quick 5-0 lead thanks to some key walks and clutch hitting. Things looked promising considering the Khans had their Ace on the mound. Even though Matt Swasey fell to 0-4 on the season, he pitched a great game. The lack of run support really killed his chances at getting his first victory. After trailing 5-0 heading into the second inning, Ashley Luongo led off with a leadoff single to left. Hess then deposited a 2-0 slider into deep LF cutting the lead to 5-2. Two batters later Tim Goyette took Matt Swasey to Burger King because HE WANTED HIS WAY and smacked a 2 run HR to deep left. Just like that its 5-4. Team Canada went on to mercy the Khans in the inning to take a 9-5 lead. That was all of the major scoring in the game, as only 1 run was scored in the following 4 innings. Canada went on to win its second straight game going to 6-1. The Khans continue to play hard but fell to 1-7.

Week 6 recaps

July 10th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Canada 0 Cyclones 4 
 cyclone.gif The game had playoff atmosphere. Each pitch was huge. Each at bat was critical. The game was huge for both teams, a Cyclones win and they would clinch the division. A Canadian win, and they would probably force a 1 game playoff at the end of the season. Canada had ace Chris Hess on the mound. In the past 2 years, Hess hasn't lost a game. The game lived up to all the hype. The Cyclones had Scott Suriano pitch, a young righty with very little pitching experience. The Cyclones jumped out to a quick 1-0 lead off of a throwing error by George Stegmann in the 2nd. That proved to be the winning run, as Team Canada was the first team in HFWB history to be shut out. The Cyclones then went on to take a 2-0 lead in the 4th off a fielding error by Elisa D'Alessandro. In the bottom of the 5th, Chris Suriano put the final nail in the coffin by belting a 2 run tater into LF. Scott Suriano pitched the game of his life, holding Canada to just 3 hits. Cyclones win the division and get some sweet revenge.

July 10th, 2006:  Hess Field 7:30pm
Yankees 34 Circumcisers 22 
 Go to fullsize image image.jpegIt was power vs power. Both teams show case tons of offensive power, and it was displayed Monday night at Hess Field. Dave Wolf had control problems, and when he did put the ball over the plate it was belted out of Scotia and into Burnt Hills. James Resue pitched for the Yanks, and did fairly well until late in the game. Dave Wolf helped his own cause by smacking 3 HRs. Wolf had to leave the game early though, by diving into 2nd base and injurying his left ankle. The Yankees powered their way past the Circumcisers.   

July 12th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Cheesey Poof's 6  Shapoopies 25 
 cheeseypoofs.jpg drebin.jpgBrother vs Sister. Ben Lamb took to the rubber Wednesday to face his sister Jenny Lamb. The long game only lasted 4 innings. Ben Lamb pitched a good game earning him his first career win. Rookie Eric Verhayden on the Shapoopies provided a lot of the offense, as he went 5 for 6 with 9 RBI's in his HFWB debut. Cheesey Poof pitching continues to struggle, as ace Torin Neilsen dropped his 4th straight decision. He did carry his teams offense though, as he went 2 for 5 with a solo HR in the first inning. With the win the Shapoopies are right back in the hunt for the divisional race.

July 12th, 2006:  Hess Field 7:30pm
Bombers 14 Cheesey Poof's 5
bomb21.jpg cheeseypoofs.jpg Many expected a very high scoring game, but that was not the case. Rookie Tab Nickels made his HFWB league debut on the mound pitching a dandy. Tab went the full 6.0 innings, and didn't walk a single batter. He gave up his fair share of hits, but Torin Neilsen made some pretty plays in the field to rob many HRs. If he did have some run support, his team just might have won this game. JJ Knapp won his first game of the year pitching 3.0 solid innings, only allowing 2 hits and 3 runs. Nick Sutter carried his teams offense yet again, going 7 for 10 with 5 RBIs and 1 HR.

July 13th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Khans 5 Circumcisers 22
Image Preview image.jpeg The Khans were in a must win situation. A win would give them the hope of possibly finishing in third place. Well, after being mercied in the first 2 innings of play, that didn't seem like it would happen. Ryan Mugits made a rare start and was everything the Circumcisers hoped he could be. Ryan went the full 6.0 allowing only 8 hits and 5 runs. His walk total was a little high with 12, but he relied on his solid defense to bail him out. Andy Fassett started the game and allowed 15 runs in 1 innings worth, and was yanked out by his brother Matt Fassett. Matt pitched a decent game, going 3.1 IP allowing only 7 runs. He has been the Khans most relient relief pitcher. He comes in there and throws strikes. With little run support, the Khans dropped another game falling to 1-8 overall. Dave Wolf ended the game by bare-handing a ball that would have been a HR, off of the bat of Matt Fassett.

July 13th, 2006:  Hess Field 7:30pm
Cyclones 27 Shapoopies 6
cyclone.gif drebin.jpg It was Southpaw vs Southpaw. Kyle LeClair (2-0) was going for his third straight, and James Strang (1-0) was looking to pick up his second staight win. The first 2 innings of play were very close. It wasn't until the top of the third inning when it got ugly. With a 4-0 Cyclones lead, Kyle LeClair belted a Grand Slam. That lead to a mercy inning, and there was no looking back there. The powerful Cyclone offense rolled on to its 9th straight win. The most wins in a row by a franchise is 12, which was set by the Canadian franchise from the 05-06 season. Rookie Eric Verhayden made another impact for the Shapoopies by belting a 3 run HR in the 5th inning.