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Game Recaps 1-2

Weeks: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8

Week 1 recaps

June7th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Canada 24 Shapoopie 5
 drebin.jpgThe Shapoopies took a quick 2-1 lead in the bottom of the first inning, but that was the only lead they would see in the game. Ben Lamb took to the hill for the opener in the rain and was roughed up. He surrendered 21 runs in 4.2 IP while striking out a career high 3 batters. Ben pitched a pretty good game, but was hurt badly by lack of run support. Canadian pitcher George Stegmann went the distance for the win giving the powerful Canadian team another franchise victory. Highlights of the game include Ashley Luongo crushing a Grandslam in the second inning giving Team Canada a lead they would not let go again. Ashley also made a sick catch while diving into a bush.

June8th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Khans 4 Yankees 15
Image Preview Go to fullsize image The Yankees stormed out of the gates early by scoring 13 runs in the first 3 innings to take a commanding 13-3 lead. Yankee pitcher Rocco DiJohn was able to hold the Khans to just 4 runs, while he pitched a complete game. The Yanks showcased their power by hitting HR's that had the distance to leave Scotia all together. The Khans offense sputtered. They weren't able to figure out how to hit Rocco's riser. The Yanks picked up their first franchise win.

June8th, 2006:  Hess Field 7:30pm
Bombers 12 Cyclones 22
bomb21.jpgcyclone.gif Week One's game of the week. Two power house teams took to the field in what was a close game all the way down to the stretch before the Cyclones clutch hitting put the game away. Cyclone pitcher Curt LeClair pitched one heck of a game, going the distance on the mound. Nick Sutter kept his Bombers in the game by belting three taters in the game. In the end, it was the Cyclones who rallied off of reliever JJ Knapp to win their first game of the year 22-12.

Week 2 recaps

June 12th, 2006:  Lamb Field 5:30pm
Cyclones 25 Cheesey Poof's 7 (3 inn)
cyclone.gif cheeseypoofs.jpgThe high powered offense of the Cyclones overwhelmed the Poof's, notching out an amazing 25 runs in just 3 innings of play. The game was called short due to the Poof's captain (Jenny "Pancake" Lamb) having to leave for a board meeting. The one thing that was impressive in the Poof's 25-7 loss, was their ability to hit off of southpaw Kyle LeClair. Torin Neilson of the Poof's hit a couple of dingers over the 'Big Stinky'. Courtney Weller was also impressive because of her ability to put the ball in play and to get into the head of the opposing team. Courtney is the leading canidate for 'most ridiculous wiffler on the field' award for her insane antics. Props.

June 12th, 2006:  Lamb Field 7:30pm
Khans 21 Bombers 39
Image Preview bomb21.jpg
What has been called the Home Run derby by many. This game featured a combined 60 runs between both teams. Jay Rozell took to the mound for the Bombers. Jay pitched a gem for the first 3 innings while not allowing a run. It wasn't until the 4th inning when things fell apart for him. Rozell surrendered a Grandslam to Andy Fassett, which eventually led to a mercy inning. The Khan's big inning wasn't enough to win the game as Nick Sutter came up big again for the Bombers. Sutter had 15 RBI's and 3 longballs to help the Bombers to their second straight win.

June 14th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Shapoopies 7 Yankees 19
drebin.jpgcyclone.gif The Shapoopies looked to try and pick up their first win of the season, but wasn't able to get any clutch hits with men on base. Yankee pitcher Joe Capobianco was brilliant. He worked in risers and sliders to keep batters off balance. The only bright spot in the Shapoopie line was Marc Palmiotto, as he went 5 for 5 with a pair of RBI's. Yankee Brandon Denoyer hit an insane 5 longballs en route to a 19-7 win.

June 14th, 2006:  Hess Field 7:30pm
Circumcisers 2 Canada 25
image.jpeg What was supposed to be game of the week, turned into rape of the week. Dustin Quay was not able to find the strike zone, or even the backstop as he walked a career high 19 batters. If it wasn't for the Circumcisers middle relief the game would have been even more of a blow out. Dave Wolf and Ryan Mugits combined were lights out going 2.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 2 K. On the other side of the ball, Cy Young Chris Hess pitched great going 5.2 IP and striking out 13 en route to his first win of the season. Ashley Luongo came in and pitched for one out in the 6th. The only time these two teams could meet again would the be finals.

June 12th, 2006:  Lamb Field 5:30pm
Cheesey Poof's 11 Bombers 24
cheeseypoofs.jpg bomb21.jpgThis game resembled more of a 5 K marathon then a wiffleball game. The matchup included an insane 29 combined walks. The game went about 2 hours long before finally ending. Neilson picked up his second loss of the season, but at times did show some great stuff. Torin had a career high 8 K's on the mound. Courtney Weller was doing the same old same old, getting into the Bombers heads. Her on the field humor has made all of the Cheesey Poof's the most fun to watch. On another surprising note: the Poof's put up 11 runs against a respectable pitcher. Nick surrendered a hit by everysingle Cheesey Poof. Not bad for a team that no one things much of. Watch out, these Poof's are bound for an upset sometime in the season.

June 14th, 2006:  Lamb Field 7:30pm
Khans 5 Canada 13
Image Preview  The Khans put up one heck of a fight against Team Canada, as they had the lead for most of the game. Matt Swasey took to the mound for the Khans pitching a great game. His slider had some good movement, as he had many batters ducking out of the way only to watch the ball hit the strikezone. Trailing 4-3 in the bottom of the 4th, Ashley Luongo opened the game up by hitting her second dinger of the season, a grand slam, over the LF wall. Hess also hit a 2 HR tater over the CF wall to give Canada a 9-4 lead. That was all Stegmann needed. George picked up his second straight win as a Canadian. Key highlights of the game: Andy Fassett turning a triple play. Here's the scenario, Hess is up to bat. Elisa at third, Ashley at second and George at first. Hess hits a rocket to CF only to be robbed by a diving Andy Fassett. Andy then dives to tag out Ashley, then sprints and dives to tag third base before Elisa gets back. Unbelievable. The Khans gave Canada a fight to the very end, but it wasn't enough.