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Game Recaps 7-8

Weeks: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8

 Week 7 recaps

July 17th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Bombers 5 Canada 2 
bomb21.jpg  The high powered offense of the Bombers was stiffled by Canadian George Stegmann. Georgy held the Bombers to an unheard of 1 hit. That 1 hit though, was a 3 run tater by Nick Sutter in the top of the 5th. The Canadian offense was basically shut down again. Team Canada has scored only 20 runs in their past 5 games. The team certainly has been struggling to score runs, and if the pitching hasn't been so great they wouldn't be where they are right now at 6-3. Now the reason why Team Canada struggled to score runs, was because of Bomber ace Jay Rozell. In the bottom of the 6th inning, trailing 5-1, Chris Hess hit a solo shot off of Rozell to bring the game to 5-2. Canada then was able to get the next two batters on base. With the tieing run at the plate, Rozell was able to strike out Ashley Luongo on a 3-2 pitch to end the game. He pitched one heck of a game, going the full 6 innings allowing only 6 hits on 2 runs. Another key note in Jays good game, was he only walked 4 batters while striking out 12. Jay currently leads the league in wins with 4. Nick Sutter also hit his league leading 18th HR, along with 4 RBI's racking up his total to an amazing 73.

July 19th, 2006:  Lamb Field 7:30pm
Shapoopies 8 Circumcisers 26
drebin.jpgimage.jpeg Team Shapoopie jumped out to a very quick 3-0 lead as the Shapoopies put the hits and walks together. They were facing rookie Justin Stearns, who struggled in the first inning but went on to pitch brilliantly following that. His team gave Justin plenty of run support as they tagged pitcher Anthony Bianchine for 8 runs. Justin helped his own cause by smacking 3 HR's in the game. In the bottom of the second, Ryan Mugits hit a ball that looked like it might stay in the park, and as CF James Strang went back to catch it he fell back-first over the wall just dropping the ball for a 3 run homer. There was no looking back from there, as the Circumcisers belted 6 homers in the game en route to a 26-8 win. Clinton Quay also was in on the action by crushing a Grandslam in the bottom of the third inning.

July 20th, 2006:  Lamb Field 5:30pm
Bombers 14 Shapoopies 13 
 bomb21.jpg drebin.jpgTeam Shapoopies Ace James Strang pitched a stellar game against the arch rival Bombers. James started out the first inning striking out the side in wonderful fashion. He didn't allowed a run for the first 2 innings before finally giving up 4 runs in the bottom of the third. Team Shapoopie was leading for the first 4 innings of play, as the potent Bombers had to play catch-up. Nick Sutter had a pair of homers to get them back in the game, as Nick himself pitched a great game. Nick allowed only 5 runs and struck out 8. The Bombers eventually took the lead in the bottom of the 5th. With a 14- 5 lead it looked good for the Bombers to cruise to another easy win. Things changed as the Shapoopies rallied off of reliever John Burtt to bring the game to 14-9. With the bases loaded and 2 outs, Anthony Bianchine hit a monster shot deep to LF to bring the game to 14-13. It was his first career GS. JJ Knapp then came in relief to get Ben Lamb to pop up and end the game. What a tremendous game, both teams played very well.

July 20th, 2006:  Lamb Field 7:30pm
Cheesey Poof's 7 Canada 19 
cheeseypoofs.jpg  Team Canada was looking to end the season on a high note after dropping their last 2 games. The Cheesey Poof's were looking for a huge upset over the slumping Canadians. It looked like it just might happen Thursday night. With a 3-0 lead, Canada brought in reliever Tim Goyette. After getting the first batter out, it started to get dicey. Torin Neilsen hit a solo HR, then the Poof's managed to get the bases loaded. After several key walks and a timely hit, the Cheesey Poof's were winning 4-3! It was insane, the entire crowd went nuts. The Cheesey Poof's were beating one of the better teams in the league. They went on to hold the lead for about 1 and a half innings of play before Team Canada broke it open with a mercy in the 5th inning. That was all they needed for the win, but give credit to the Cheesey Poof's, they played a great game and their record doesn't show how hard they try and how much fun they have.

 Week 8 recaps

July 24th, 2006:  Lamb Field 5:30pm
Cheesey Poof's 8 Circumcisers 15
cheeseypoofs.jpgimage.jpeg The Cheesey Poof's managed to stay in the game for the first portion of the match before finally falling apart towards the end. They put up a fight, as Torin Neilson provided the offense belting another HR. Tab Nickels pitched a decent game, as he was able to not walk that many batters. Luke Quay got the scoring started though for the Circumcisers with an inside the park grand slam. That was the offensive spark the Circumcisers needed to get their offense rolling. Dustin Quay pitched a great game picking up his second win of the season. The young righty pitched 3 solid innings allowing only 3 runs.

July 24th, 2006:  Lamb Field 7:30pm
Circumcisers 24 Cheesey Poof's 11
image.jpegcheeseypoofs.jpg The Cheesey Poof's were actually beating the Circumcisers for the first two innings. After allowing 6 runs in the top of the 1st inning, the Cheesey Poof's then went on to get their first mercy inning of the season. That gave them a quick 9-6 lead. The Circumcisers then scored 3 more runs in the 2nd to tie the game at 9. Torin got the Poof's right back on top with a homer, and gave them a 10-9. Unfortunately that was the only lead they would have for the rest of the game as the Circumciser offense explosed for 7 HR's against Torin en route to their fourth straight victory.

July 26th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Bombers 13 Yankees 15 
bomb21.jpg Go to fullsize image The Bombers needed a win to clinch the Lamb Division, but the Yankees had other plans. Jay Rozell took to the mound for the Bombers, and although his control was off he was able to strike out key batters when he really needed an out. James Resue and Brandon Denoyer both had great games as they both showed no respect for Jay's ERA by each crushing two homers each. It wasn't until a late 6th inning rally that won the Yankees the game. The Bombers lost for the first time in 5 games, and their chance at a division title may have just slipped away.

June 27th, 2006:  Hess Field 5:30pm
Cyclones 14 Circumcisers 13 
cyclone.gif image.jpeg The Circumcisers were in a position to win the division, with a win over the Cyclones tonight. The Cyclones were looking for payback from last years come from behind loss from Clinton Quay's team. Dave Wolf took to the mound for the Circ's, and at times was brilliant. His control was shakey, but what can you say when it is raining basically the entire game. Wolf held the Cyclones to just 8 hits while striking out 9. It wasn't enough though as Kyle LeClair and his girlfriend Nicky Marcucci each blasted 3-run bombs to provide run support for Scott Suriano. Speaking of Scott, he was brilliant again. He had two bad innings but other then that held the Circumcisers to 4 scoreless innings en route to his third win of the season. The Cyclones are the only team in the league to have three pitchers with (3-0) records. Talk about sharing the wealth.