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2006 Playoffs

Playoff Schedule
Round 1 -
July 31st - August 2nd
Round 2 -
August 2nd - August 3rd
Divisional Round -
August 7th - August 11th
Championship -
August 14th - August 16th
All Star Game/HR Derby - Friday August 18th

Championship Finals
Team Canada 2006 Champions

image.jpeg The stage was set for the Circumcisers to get back at Canada for last years championship. A championship Clinton Quay thought he could have won. Well Clinton wasn't present for the game because of work obligations, but his team went on anyway. In game one Dustin Quay got the game started off right by crushing a single to LF. Hess then walked the bases loaded before giving up 2 runs. His control was not there at all. The Circumcisers took a quick 2-0. That was the only lead they saw all game, as Tim Goyette hit a Grand Slam in the bottom of the 1st inning to take the lead for good. They were able to put a huge 6 spot on the board. Hess was then lights out for the next 5 innings, allowing on 1 run. Team Canada took game one 8-3 before a soldout crowd of 25 people.
     Game two. If Canada won, they take home the cup. If the Circumcisers win, they force a game three on Thursday at Lamb Field. George Stegmann took to the rubber looking for his first career playoff victory in 2 starts. George came out firing by getting out of a bases loaded jam in the first to keep it at 0-0. It wasn't until the 2nd inning when the game opened up for Canada. George hit a monster HR to deep deep deep RF to give Canada a nice lead. Tim Goyette then ended the inning by hitting a bases loaded double to clear the bases. Canada put a nice big 9 spot to take a commanding 9-0 lead. Wolf then settled down and pitched 2 scoreless innings. It wasn't until the top of the 6th inning when Canada started scoring again. Closer Ryan Mugits was hit very hard in his brief appereance allowing 2 runs and 3 walks. Canada scored 7 runs, and at the time had a 17-5 lead. Those 7 runs seemed meaningless until the bottom of the 6th rolled around.
      Canada was 3 outs away from glory. The first out came rather quickly. Then the second out was recorded. The Circumcisers were down to their last out. Well thats when they started having fun. Next thing you know Ryan crushes two mammoth taters to cut the lead to just 17-10. Those 7 runs by Canada in the 6th were now important. George then buckled down to get the final out via the strike out. Canada wins the the cup and enternal glory.

Game Recaps: 
Game 1: Canada 8 Circumcisers 3
Game 2: Canada 17 Circumcisers 10


Championship MVP: George Stegmann - George was on fire for the Canadians. In game one George went 4 for 6 with 2 RBI's and 2 walks. He also had some very nice plays in the outfield, especially the over-the-head bobble catch to create a beautiful double play. He wasn't done in game two, as George pitched a fantastic game. Not only did he get it done on the mound, he went 3 for 7 with 7 RBI's, 2 HR's and 4 walks. He picked up his first win in the playoffs, and it couldn't have come at a better time.
     Tim Goyette finished in a close second for the MVP. Tim made some nice plays in the outfield, and he drove in 8 runs in both games combined.

Hess Divisional Series

#1 Cyclones vs #2 Canada 
cyclone.gif In what was predicted to be one of the best series in the entire playoffs, it lived up to its every expectation. Game one featured southpaw Kyle LeClair vs the 2005 Cy Young winner Chris Hess. After 2 scoreless innings, George Stegmann broke the goose egg's by belting a 3 run tater to RF. Just like that, Canada had a 3-0 lead. That was all Hess needed, as he shut down the powerful Cyclone offense en route to a huge 9-1 win. 
     The Cyclones were on the brink of elimination after going 10-0 in the regular season. They stepped up their wiff game, and got a great game from Curt LeClair. Curt held Canada to 8 runs as his offense gave him plenty of run support. George Stegmann had some control problems as he walked 15 batters. The Cyclones put up a big 6 spot in the 5th inning to insure their 13-8 victory in game two. This game is going to three.
     Now game 3 will always be remembered for those who watched the game, and for those who played the game. It was a rematch of game one, Hess vs LeClair. The first inning of play Canada managed to load the bases with just 1 out, but Kyle LeClair fired back by striking out the next two batters to escape the jam. Hess also returned the favor by getting out of a bases loaded jam in the first inning. After the first 6 innings of play we had a 0-0 tie. The pitching in the game was absolutly remarkable. Kyle and Hess were racking up K's like nothing. In the bottom of the 7th inning, Curt LeClair led of the inning with a double. The Cyclones were a single away from possibly winning the game and advancing to their first championship finals. Hess fired back by striking out the remaining 3 batters. Kyle LeClair bascially shut down Canadian hitters, by not allowing a single player past 2nd base for most of the game. The Cyclones got a scare in the top of the 9th inning though, when Hess hit a high towering shot to LF. Two thousand five Gold Glove winner Chris Suriano was there as he leaned over the fence and robbed Hess of a go-ahead homer.
     Team Canada would return the favor to Suriano in the bottom of the 10th inning. With 1 out, Chris Suriano was at the plate. Two pitches later Suriano laced one deep and high to LF. That was it, game over. The ball had the distance. BUT Ashley Luongo had other plans. Ashley reacted quickly by leaping in the air and robbing Chris Suriano of a 10th inning game winning HR to send them to the finals. The crowd went nuts. All the Canadians will remember that play as the 'catch'.  We now go to the top of the 11th inning. Chris Hess was leading off, and he took a first pitch and smacked it into LF. He beat out the throw and Canada was in business. Ashley then walked to bring 1st and 2nd with nobody out. The biggest threat Team Canada has had since the 2nd inning. With Hess up he deposited a monster shot deep into LF that hit the trees and fell back into play, but not before two runs came across to score. There it was, the first runs of the game. Canada took a 2-0 lead going into the bottom of the 11th. Hess then struck out the three remaining Cyclones to advance to the championship. One of the best games ever played.


Playoff Game Scores:
Game 1: Canada 9 Cyclones 1    
Game 2: Cyclones 13 Canada 8
Game 3: Canada 2 Cyclones
 0 (11 inn.)   

Hess Division Round 1

#1 Cyclones vs #4 Khans 
cyclone.gifImage Preview The Cyclones powerful offense went homer happy against the Khans pitching. Kyle LeClair destroyed every living pitcher on the Khans team by belting a league high 6 home runs in just 2 games. Not only did Kyle hit tater after tater, he pitched a complete game allowing only 1 run. The Khan's never really mounted any kind of serious offensive threat against Curt or Kyle, allowing for a nice easy two game sweep.


Playoff Game Scores:
Game 1: Cyclones 21 Khans 1    
Game 2: Cyclones 19 Khans 1   

#2 Canada vs #3 Yankees
  yankees logo.jpg (21528 bytes)Chris Hess opened the series out by putting on a show, allowing only 1 hit (a solo HR to Nick DeCaprio). James Resue pitched game one, and was sharp at times but was hurt by the longball. Resue allowed 5 longballs en route to an 18-1 blow out. Game two was a different story however, and the Yankees weren't going to go down without a fight. Righty George Stegmann pitched 3 innings and had to depart before turing the game over to Canadian Bill Hess. The Yankees were on fire against Bill Hess, racking up 7 runs in his first inning. Resue smacked a grand slam to help out Joe Capobianco. Cappy pitched a stellar game, holding the Canadian offense to just 7 runs. With the win, the Yankees force a game 3. Now in game 3, right from the get-go Team Canada got to work. They put up a mercy inning in the first inning, then put up 8 more runs in the second inning. That was plenty of run support for Chris Hess who won his second game of the series. Team Canada advances and plays the Cyclones for the Divisional Series.


Playoff Game Scores:
Game 1: Canada 18 Yankees 1  
Game 2: Yankees 14 Canada 7    
Game 3: Canada 22 Yankees 7    

Lamb Divisional Series

#1 Bombers vs #2 Circumcisers
bomb21.jpg image.jpeg Two of the best teams left in the Lamb Division square off. The two teams split in their regular season matchups, both teams upsetting each other with walk off wins. You could tell this was going to be a great series. Game one belonged to the Bombers. Jay Rozell picked up the win the hard way. He allowed 20 runs, most of them on walks. His offense backed him up though putting 23 runs across the board as the Bombers take game one. Game two though was a different story. Dave Wolf was on fire the entire game, holding the powerful Bombers squad to only 5 runs. JJ Knapp pitched a great game but was a victim of no run support. Wolf promptly ended the game by striking out Nick Sutter three times in one inning. This one is going to game three.
     After 4 days of waiting for the intense game three between the Bombers and Circumcisers we were all in for a little surprise. The Circumciser army of 7 players all showed up, but only captain Jay Rozell of the Bombers was there to play. Where was his team? Nobody knows. Everyone came to an agreement that the Bombers had to forfit. Unfortunately the Circumcisers win without playing a game, but what can you do. The Circumcisers advance to the finals by act of God for a rematch against Team Canada.

Boxscores (coming soon)

Playoff Game Scores:
Game 1: Bombers 23 Circumcisers 20
Game 2: Circumcisers 9 Bombers 5
Game 3: Circumcisers 6 Bombers 0 (forfit)

Lamb Division Round 1

#1 Bombers
#4 Cheesey Poof's 
bomb21.jpg cheeseypoofs.jpg The Bombers put on an offensive clinic by pounding the Cheesey Poofs for 30 runs. Tab Nickels and Torin Neilson both were hit hard by the unrelenting Bomber squad. With no pitcher really available to pitch game two, the Cheesey Poof's decided not to play. The no-fun Bombers advance to the next round to play the Circumcisers.


Playoff Game Scores:
Game 1: Bombers 30 Cheesey Poof's 7
Game 2: Bombers 6 Cheesey Poof's 0 (forfit)

#2 Circumcisers vs
#3 Team Shapoopie

image.jpegdrebin.jpg The Circumcisers crusied through by beating the Shapoopies. As Ben Lamb said 'it was a lot to a little.' James Strang was roughed up for 30 runs in game one as the Circumcisers cruise to an easy victory. It was HR galore for the Circ's as they crushed 9 big fly's. Everyone got into the action by hitting at least one HR. In game two Anthony Bianchine got the nod. The big righty faired pretty well, but with a lack of run support the Shapoopies dropped their fourth straight game to the Circumcisers this season. The Circumcisers won 14-4 and move on to the second round.


Playoff Game Scores:
Game 1: Circumcisers 30 Shapoopie 13
Game 2: Circumcisers 14 Shapoopie 4